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Goods Lift installed at Johnnie Longden Ltd. Unit 24 Dawkins Road Poole, Dorset BH15 4JD

Design, manufacture and install 1 off mast-type goods lift to be installed between 2 fixed levels inside a building     

  • The lift will be constructed using a single mast which must be bolted down to the ground floor and braced to the mezzanine floor.
  • The lift platform will measure approximately 1350mm wide by 1250mm deep and will close down over the legs of the masts
  • The clear working platform area will be 1290mm x 1130mm
  • The overall plan size of the lift including enclosure will be approx 1750mm deep x 1750mm wide
  • The platform will feature 1100mm high rails on 4 sides with twin outwards opening gates to the left & right of the mast (Sides A & C). The gates will lock with a gravity system but will also be sensed to prevent platform movement if the gate is open.
  • The platform will close to the floor with a 60mm lowered height and have a maximum total raised height of 2700mm
  • The maximum lift height will be governed by a limit switch system to ensure that the platform parks with the mezzanine upper floor. (approx 2440mm). This can be moved at a later date should the floor height be increased.
  • The platform will be supplied with a loading ramp to be permanently fixed to the ground floor measuring 1250mm wide by 600mm long giving a gradient of 10%. Mounted to the right of the mast, (side C) – closest to the roller shutter door in the building.
  • The lift will also be supplied with a bridging plate to be installed on the mezzanine level
  • The hydraulic power pack will be mounted to a mast and electrical system will be housed in a separate enclosure mounted box at ground level.
  • Control points will be positioned at both ground and upper floor levels. Both points will feature latching call buttons and emergency stop controls.
  • Power requirement: 415V 3 phase + Neutral via 16amp isolator (Supplied by customer)
  • Motor specification: 0.8Kw 3phase 415V with 4ltr reservoir
  • Maximum lift capacity will be 500Kg

Manufacture and install 1 off External guard system for both upper and lower floors

  • Ground Floor: The lift will be supplied with a 2200mm high enclosure on all sides, measuring 1750mm deep overall & 1750mm wide. The enclosure will feature a 2100mm high single gate on Side C & will be fitted with an electrical/mechanical interlock to prevent opening when the lift is not parked.
  • First Floor: To prevent access to the lift and guard the open edge of the mezzanine, the floor will be fitted with an 1100mm high guard on all sides of the lift featuring an 1100mm high single gate on side A with electrical/mechanical interlocking into the lift controls.
  • Installation:

Installation of the lift at BH15 Poole Dorset

Installed at Johnnie Longden Ltd (Via Connect Storage Ltd), Unit 24 Dawkins Road, Poole, Dorset, BH15 4JD

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Mezzanine Floor Enquiry Form

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